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Commercial Breaks

3 Available, $5,000 each (5 SOLD)

Commercial breaks take place throughout the convention in 30-minute time slots between events. Each of these time slots holds an available 5 minutes to dedicate to the sponsor.

Benefits include:


New Product Showcase

$1,000 per company (limited availability)

Advertise your new products in this special area of the virtual platform

Benefits include:


Content Marketing- CEU/On-Demand Session Sponsors

$1000 per session or $12,000 for Day

Promoted as the sponsor of one of our top-notch educational sessions. You can choose one particular session or sponsor the whole day of released on-demand content.

Benefits include:


LIVE Educational Session Sponsorship

$2,500 each  (7 available)

Promoted as the sponsor of one of our semi-live sessions during the convention dates.

Benefits include:


Fun Zone


Virtual conference attendees are guaranted to need a fun mental break every once in a while. The PestWorld Fun Zone will include links to different activities and fun interactive games allowing them a chance to recharge!

For more exposure, include a sponsored item in the Attendee Packet to heighten their awareness to this fun space.


PestWorld Attendee Pre-Show Packet Sponsorships

The below sponsorships must be confirmed by September 15 in order to factor in order, branding and shipping time.

Be a part of the robust package received by each pre-registered attendee before the convention starts.

The packet will include helpful information for attendees to create the most rewarding virtual experience.  Part of the packet will include items related to other sponsor packages, but there’s room for more!

Personal Hand Sanitizer   $7,500

Let us help your brand squeeze out a convenient handout for your customers with this 1 oz. hand sanitizer! This handy product is lightly scented 62% ethyl alcohol and meets FDA requirements.

Customize with a four-color process imprint of your company name and logo to increase brand visibility on a product that will promote cleanliness.





Branded Coffee Mug and Local Nashville Coffee $15,000

Give people a taste of your business with this amazing mug! How many of your logoed mugs will you spot during virtual PestWorld and long after?

Included with the mug is local Nashville coffee.





Touch Tool  $7,500

It's a great way of getting around without engaging with the germs of a public place. With this, you can easily open doors, press elevator or crosswalk buttons, and more without coming into direct contact with your hands. Add your company name or logo and generate a ton of interest in your business. Get customers to see the value in your brand!





Branded Mask $10,000

Enhance your marketing campaign with a great product like this cotton reusable mask! Why deal with germs when you don't have to? Wearing this is a great way to limit the spread of harmful bacteria whether from you to others or vice-versa. You can give this out as a highly useful gift to customers and employees to let everyone know that you care about their well-being. Add your company name or logo for maximum visibility. Make your business more recognizable!





Lanyard for Masks  $10,000

Gone are the days of worrying where you can safely set your mask down only to have it be contaminated. Secure your mask conveniently around your neck with the 1/2" Polyester Mask Keeper. Two bulldog clips ensure that your face mask stays safe and within reach. Customize with your screen printed logo for instant marketing and select from an impressive catalogue of colors for an extra bit of flavor. (mask not included)