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Here are the Minimum System Requirements:



Perform a System Check

This is a quick test you can run on your device to ensure that the system on the device you will be using supports our virtual platform. We recommend testing your system prior to the start of the show so you don’t run into any delays when you are able to access the event. Run a system check now.


Laptop, computer (Mac or PC) or tablets (Android or IOS) are supported.

Internet Browser

This is a virtual, browser based experience. If you are using an older, or unsupported Operating System, Internet Browser, or version of Flash, you may experience decreased performance. We recommend Chrome or Firefox as the most stable and consistent browsers for accessing the virtual environment.


An automatic system test is available that will check connectivity of the domains listed in the detailed System Technical Requirements. Run a system check now.


Sufficient bandwidth at each office location is necessary. Estimate total bandwidth required by multiplying the numbers of computers connecting to an event by the above bit rate estimate. If network bandwidth is a concern, we recommend accessing the environment in groups, thereby reducing the total number of individual streams to an office.

Internet Connectivity

A strong, wired broadband connection with a speed of at least 1.4 Mbps. You may view the virtual experience on a slower connection, however, some users may experience load times that are longer than normal with larger content items, such as High Definition video streams.
We recommend:

Work From Home Employees

Connect to the internet using a network cable rather than using a wireless network. If a corporate VPN is used, confirm that the above network traffic is not directed over the VPN. If it is, have users turn off the VPN while attending the event.